Graduate and Professional Teaching


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Text Analysis: Systematic Methods for Analyzing Qualitative Data

In this graduate seminar, open to students and professionals, I take students though a survey of methods used for text analysis. The focus of the course is on developing skills that students can use to do systematic analysis of textual data, including interview transcripts, field notes, photos, and audio or video data. The course explores a range of inductive and deductive approaches and covers analytic skills that cut across traditions, including theme identification, code definition, construction of codebooks, and teamwork in text analysis. Advanced topics include schema analysis, grounded theory, classical content analysis, content dictionaries, word-based analysis, and semantic network analysis. I also introduce students to different software packages that can be used to manage qualitative data.


Qualitative Data Analysis: The Basics

In this one-day workshop,  I use hands-on instruction to teach skills in text analysis, such as theme identification and codebook construction. I also introduce participants to MAXQDA and other software packages used for managing qualitative data. I have taught this workshop at the annual meetings for the American Anthropological Association Meetings, the Society for Applied Anthropology Meetings, and by request.

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Teaching Anthropology Online Workshop

In this half-day workshop, my co-instructor and I introduce techniques for teaching anthropological research methods and critical thinking skills in an online environment. The workshop is divided into three sections: (1) course learning goals and design, (2) course building and production, (3) course instruction and problem solving. Participants learn the elements that make a successful online course, which can be designed and taught collaboratively with colleagues as well as scalable for either low or high enrollment courses.  Topics we cover include: organization, design, easily gradeable assignments that teach skills (e.g. critical thinking, data collection, analysis, interpretation, writing), and engaging students.